Monday, 25 June 2007

PS 3 HandsOn

This weekend we had the chance to try a Sony Playstation 3 and I'd like to share my view on this device.
We connected the PS3 via HDMI to a 40'' full HD LCD TV and the quality of the game graphics and the blue ray movies was absolute impressive. We played the Gran Tourism concept demo and it's really hard to tell the difference between a real race and this game.
After watching three blue ray movies, you don't want to see any DVD again. And switching back to the good old TV signal makes you feel sick.
I also liked the openness of the platform. You can install yellow dog linux on it and you can plug in nearly every USB device.
We connected the PS3 via wireless LAN, and we got demos, trailers and updates for free. Overall the hole concept feels better then the XBOX360. Unnfortunatly I had no time for checking out some BD-J examples (I've seen cool demos on the JavaOne) but I will try that next time. XBOX360 and HD-DVD: Get lost! ;)