Monday, 11 June 2007

New Toys

Last week I spend some money on fun stuff and I bought the Gyrotor indoor helicopter from Silverlit as well as the X-Twin rc-plane. I first tried the Gyrotor in my living room and it's pretty hard to control. It took roughly three hours training to get a feeling for this helicopter, but now it's really fun to fly it inside. You should have plenty of space in your room, otherwhise you will hit the walls more often then you wish ;)
This weekend I had the chance to try the helicopter and the X-Twin plane outside. It turned out that the gyrotor is a pure "inside" toy. The range of the RC is pretty limited and it's quite unstable to fly outside.
But the X-Twin is a real cool thing for the outside world. It's easy to fly, and the battery is good enough to play up to 15 minutes! I really enjoyed that!!
Upate: Check that heli flying in my office ;)