Saturday, 26 May 2007

Concert in an interesting Location

Yesterday evening we got free tickets for a concert. Roger Cicero performed with his Big Band. That's definitely not my favourite music. But the location of the concert was very cool. It took place in a huge aircraft hangar on the duesseldorf internation airport. Directly behind the crowd where airplanes starting and landing all the time, the hangar was devided and on the left side was an Airbus 320 parked. Check this picture:

The stage is on the right side, in the center you can see the LTU-Airburs and on the left side there are the open hangar-doors and the runway and rollfield of the airport. That was cool ;)
For more pictures, click here!

Thursday, 17 May 2007


Yesterday we had a very good party organized by marcel, conny and myself. 40-50 people showed up and they magically let 17 crates of beer vanish ;)
We had an impressive soundsystem, pretty nice light effects (Martin Mania SCX 600) , good DJs and a lot of fun...
Pictures will be uploaded tomorrow...

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Once again JavaOne...

... is over. And once again I picked up many interesting things; things I will have a closer look on, things to tell other people, things to be observed in the future, and hopefully things I will use in real projects. I also met several nice people there and had interesting discussions. Thanks to SUN for this event ;)

Thursday, 10 May 2007

JavaOne and "crisp"

I've been in several sessions right now and one really good thing I recognized is that terms like "user experience", "user interface", "rich graphics", "crisp", "shiny" etc. are mentioned quite often. Not only JavaFX but several other developments reflects a new thinking in this "gray" java world. People have understood that a good, compelling user experience is mandatory for a good product. Thanks to the iPhone and other products, java will hopefully loose the old image of heavy-weighted, boring, gray and not compelling user interfaces.

JavaFX script... more then a pure scripting language. Looking at the examples, and listening to Christopher Oliver at the JavaOne today, JavaFX script looks like a combination of a classic scripting language like ECMA script and UI descriptive elements as known from SVG. To give an example you will find things like

Rect {
arcHeight: 30
arcWidth: 30
stroke: black
strokeWidth: 3
transform: translate(10, 0)
height: 300
width: 330
fill: Pattern {
content: picks()

which reminds me somehow to SVG, as well as things like

operation MotoProducts.doDrop(yStart, yEnd, f(y), delay, bounce) {
for (b in [false, true]) (dur delay linear){
if (b) {
var d = if bounce then 1000 else 800;
var ys = if bounce then [[yStart..yEnd], [yEnd..yEnd -10], [yEnd-10..yEnd]] else [yStart..yEnd];
for (i in ys) (dur d) {

which reminds me to... mmmmmmm.... ECMA script?

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

JavaOne and JavaFX

JavaOne is on the second day and JavaFX is still the "big" thing. To correct my previous post, JavaFX is not just the scripting language, but JavaFX script is the correct term. It looks like JavaFX is mainly the so called F3 project. You can already get demos and source code for JSE 6 here:
More infos on JavaFX are listed here:
Additionally to that, there is the Term JavaFX Mobile. It looks like this is a full JavaOS for mobile devices including a JavaFX script runtime. SUN showed some demos on linux based mobiles. Probably this is based on the SavaJe technology, but this is just a guess from my side.
How JavaFX Mobile is fitting to the CDC / CLDC and MIDP roadmap, and how it relates to JSR 226 and SVG is still a mystery for me. If anybody has ideas around this, feel free to comment!

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

JavaOne KeyNote

Just a short note from the JavaOne: SUN announced JavaFX a script language for java based, "flashy" user interfaces as far as I understood.
But there are 1000 of questions open, especially when it comes to mobile devices... I will recap that later.

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Marathon Update

Just an update on the marathon tomorrow: One of my teammates has serious problems with his knee, so I have to run his part addtionally to mine. 19 KM instead of 9. Nice. I'll keep my fingers crossed to survive that ;)
Again, check our runners page to see what's going on!

Thursday, 3 May 2007

JavaOne and Marathon

Next week I will attend JavaOne and I'm really looking forward to this. But right before that I have to finish my part of my relay team on the Düsseldorf Marathon.
You can follow our activities on the marathon on sunday on this page.