Sunday, 18 November 2007

The big move...

...took place yesterday!
Many thanks to all our friends who helped us merging two homes into a one new! Special thanks to my parents who supported us during the move.
Check some pictures here, I'll update the album as we make progress......

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

The android landed...

... and disperse a lot of dust in the mobile world.

My first thoughts, relatively unordered and not well consolidated...
  • What a cool SDK!!! Everything you need! Very cool documentation (try the search box), Eclipse PlugIn, working samples, emulator, debugging and logging, everything for free on Window, Linux and Mac. Feel free to compare that with the
    • WTK for JME (nearly equal)
    • Symbian S60 SDK (sucks)
    • Windows Mobile (not free, installs tons of crap on your PC, and so on...)
    • iPhone SDK? (We will see...;) )
  • Why have those guys re-invented all the JSRs? The only reason for me is licensing issues. Too bad for the developers.
  • A pretty cool concept of handling application life cycle whiting the OS.
  • I like the approach of a generic data model on the phone, I also like the idea that there are no "native" apps on the phone. Everything is Java. Looks a bit like the SavaJe idea (do you remember that?) but in cool ;)
  • They build in a java - browser bridge! How cool is that?
Let's see where Google drive this game. Many open questions.... How will Google avoid fragmentation? What parts will really become open source? And so on and so forth...
We will see... But nevertheless, this will bring again some action to the mobile world, and changes can't be bad ;)

Monday, 5 November 2007

An android comes from outer space...

Google announced andriod today. Together with an impressive list of cooperation partners (check the open handset alliance) Google created an OS for mobile phones based on open standards (as they claim) and will open source it. There are tons of rumors out there and less facts, so it's hard to come to a conclusion right now, but somehow I have the feeling that this will be a very big (and good!) thing...
Mobile developers: Keep your fingers crossed, the SDK is coming! ;)

Sunday, 4 November 2007

preparing the move...

...and it's still a lot of work in front of us. We are currently
- searching for a new citchen (that can cost a hell lot of money...)
- buying a new washing machine (see above)
- disassembling furniture (not expensive but a lot of work)
- preparing the "big-move-day"
I will propably write some sentences to the one or other topic, but I'm quite busy with all that stuff ;)