Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Android Zoo

I launched a small application on the android market some time ago and today I had the time to gather some stats from the server logs the app connects to.
I aggregated the user-agents to unique devices and to my suprise I found out that I could isolate 78 devices!
That basically means that nearly 100 different android devices have downloaded, installed & run my app. I should say that I have tested it on exactly one device before I published it ;)
I got little complaints so far therefore I expect that it works on nearly all of them. Amazing, isn't it? Compared with my J2ME experience this is just great.
I will share some rough stats with you now, but I hope to get some nice graphs in my next analytics-session.

Top 10 Device stats (request count) for the service lifetime (January 2011 until now):
  1. HTC Desire (28352)
  2. Samsung Galaxy S (24226)
  3. HTC Wildfire (8471)
  4. HTC Desire HD (8181)
  5. Motorola Milestone (3831)
  6. Motorola Defy (3395)
  7. HTC Magic (3393)
  8. HTC Legend (2730)
  9. LG-P500 (2541)
  10. Garmin-Asus A50 (2227)

I will share more details soon, like Android Version, requested data, User-Agent parsing details etc.
Stay tuned.