Thursday, 10 May 2007

JavaFX script... more then a pure scripting language. Looking at the examples, and listening to Christopher Oliver at the JavaOne today, JavaFX script looks like a combination of a classic scripting language like ECMA script and UI descriptive elements as known from SVG. To give an example you will find things like

Rect {
arcHeight: 30
arcWidth: 30
stroke: black
strokeWidth: 3
transform: translate(10, 0)
height: 300
width: 330
fill: Pattern {
content: picks()

which reminds me somehow to SVG, as well as things like

operation MotoProducts.doDrop(yStart, yEnd, f(y), delay, bounce) {
for (b in [false, true]) (dur delay linear){
if (b) {
var d = if bounce then 1000 else 800;
var ys = if bounce then [[yStart..yEnd], [yEnd..yEnd -10], [yEnd-10..yEnd]] else [yStart..yEnd];
for (i in ys) (dur d) {

which reminds me to... mmmmmmm.... ECMA script?